Engage and Capture

Engage and Capture

Remember that great childhood game, ‘Capture the Flag’? The game and strategy were simple engage the enemy and capture their flag. Of course, the enemy were your friends who happened to be on the other team and your flag was an old towel with holes in it that your mom said would make a perfect flag.

While customer experience is a significantly more complex concept than a kid’s game, the strategy for collecting customer feedback should be quite similar—engage your customers and capture their feedback.  Engage customers in creative and innovative ways that create the desire to provide feedback to Capture opinions, impressions, and feelings about their in-the-moment customer experiences. Easy; right?

Not so fast. Obtaining customer feedback has been challenging for businesses, especially businesses built upon on-premise customers such as restaurants, entertainment zones, airports, shuttles, and stores. Current processes for collecting feedback include one of the following—1) QR code on the door or window, 2) survey code on a sales receipt, or 3) company email address or Facebook page.  While all three methods offer customers the opportunity to provide feedback, none are easy, fast, or efficient—although better than writing your feedback on a chalkboard! Until now these were the primary ways to get customer feedback from on-site customers.  

CXLogic’s Customer Feedback System (CFS) is truly a next generation system ushering in a new era in customer feedback. Our system is comprised of elementary processes that Engages customers and Captures their feedback. Here’s our logic in action.


Meeting: The first step in this process is the customer walking over to meet the Kiosk.  We accomplish this by using customized branding, imaging, and messaging. Branding and imaging are placed on the sleeve and signage of the Kiosk, as well as, the background image on the tablet.  Messaging is on the signage informing customers of the opportunity to provide feedback.     

Interaction: Next, the customer interacts with the Kiosk by using stylish and dynamic emojis. Creating the desire to interact with the Kiosk is easy when that interaction has elements of creativity, innovation, and fun.     

Opt-in or Opt-out: Finally, the customer is provided the opportunity to Opt-in or Opt-out of an in-depth survey.  For those who Opt-out, the total time on the Kiosk is less than 10 seconds while for those who Opt-in, the total time is less than 30 seconds—just enough time to submit their phone number or email address to receive the survey link on their cell phone or laptop.   


Benchmark Question: The first, and most important, data capture is our benchmark question, “How was your [Company Name] customer experience today?” Our interactive analytics offers drill-through analysis of this question from aggregate levels of year, quarter, and month to granular levels of week, day, and hour.

Key Driver Analysis: Second, with the in-depth survey additional data is captured that determines the key factors associated with happiness, brand loyalty, positive referrals, and other Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).  

Customer Segmentation: Finally, important information on customer segments is captured including demographics, geographic location, behavioral, and psychological characteristics. Additionally, customer contact data is collected including phone number and/or email which allows for comprehensive market research on actual customers.  

Recently, I ate out at one of my favorite dining establishments. The food was great, the service was excellent, and the atmosphere was fun.  As I left the restaurant there was a QR code on the door asking for customer feedback. The process for providing feedback was not easy nor efficient.  I had to download a QR reader to my phone, I had to enter a 15-digit code to get the survey, and I had to search a long, convoluted, small print receipt to find my server’s name.  What began as a ‘Very Happy’ dining experience ended as a ‘Very Unhappy’ customer feedback experience.

While your company strives for exceedingly high happiness and satisfaction on customer experience, shouldn’t the same be true for your customer feedback system?

At CXLogic Our method makes it easy to Engage your customers and Capture their feedback.