Heartware for Business

Heartware for Business

Your business has Hardware; your businesses has Software; but does your business have Heartware?  What is Heartware?  Heartware is innovative human and technological resources that engage customers to provide feedback about their customer experiences. For Heartware to be successful resources should be directed at the following,

  • Courteous staff asking customers to provide feedback.
  • Timely based on in-the-moment experiences.
  • Dynamic platforms for submitting feedback.
  • Fast and non-disruptive to customers’ time demands.
  • Knowledgeable staff to provide assistance when needed.

Asking about customer experience creates a sense of community between the customer and the business.  More specifically, customers perceive themselves as being valued and appreciated through engagement with the Customer Feedback System (CFS).  

A 2011 Forbes article states that asking for feedback tells your customers that they are important, their opinions matter, and their feedback is essential to improving your products and services (Three Reasons To Ask For Customer Feedback).  The very process of asking dramatically improves the overall customer experience leading to higher levels of customer loyalty and expanded referral networks. 

I travel frequently throughout Asia. Passing through immigration and customs at Chinese airports I’m consistently asked about my customer experience.  They care about how their employees interact with travelers.  And while I might not have memorable interactions with immigration officers, being asked to rate the experience makes all the difference.  It changes my emotions from Indifferent to Happy.  I’m valued and my opinion matters.  That’s Heartware!