Heartware International Airports

Heartware International Airports

Recently, I was flying through Asia and had a layover at Changi Airport in Singapore. Changi is known as one of the most technologically innovative airports in the world with a strong emphasis on customer experience. I experienced this first hand through the use of their Instant Feedback System.

The system provides travelers with opportunities to rate key components of their experience including check-in counters, dining establishments, stores, and information desks. Yuh Khee Leong, Changi’s VP of Technology describes this focus on customer experience as ‘Heartware’—”courteous and knowledgeable staff and tools that give independent passengers the right sort of assistance when and where they need it” (“The Top Ten Trends”, 2013). 

I’ve interacted with similar customer feedback systems at Guangzhou Baiyun and Shanghai Pudong Airports in China, Brisbane Airport in Australia, and Chiang Mai Airport in Thailand. While the feedback systems vary in complexity and technology, they tend to focus on rating a single item using a four or five-point emoji scale. For example, at Guangzhou Baiyun and Shanghai Pudong Airports, I provided feedback on the immigration and customs experience. At Chiang Mai Airport I completed a customer experience survey using a hand-held tablet.   

According to the 2013 Future Travel Experience Asia EXPO; customer feedback was rated as the number one trend destined to change the future of air travel (And a little bit more heart).   Airports committed to Heartware, focus on improving the customer experience of the individual through the implementation of customer feedback systems.  Asking for feedback makes travelers feel valued and engaged and gives them a voice to offer praise or raise concerns.

CXLogic’s Customer Feedback System (CFS) is a next generation system ideally suited for Airports with a customer-centric focus.  Our tablets come with various mounting systems including full length Kiosks, desktop, wall, and hand-held.  Our logic allows for in-depth surveys that can be completed on multiple platforms including tablet, phone, or computer.  Additionally, real-time alerts can identify problem areas for timely resolution.  Our method is engaging, dynamic, and efficient.

CXLogic. Heartware for Business (hardware and software included).