How Often Should You Measure Your Customer Satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction surveys are a big part of any business and are one of the key areas that help grow and enhance customer experience. As much as you like to conduct customer surveys to evaluate and better your business, customers also love giving feedback with the hope of receiving upgraded services.

How Often Should You Measure Your Customer Satisfaction?

Businesses need to know if they are doing the right thing at the right time. And what could be better than getting answers directly from customers? So now that we have established that measuring customer satisfaction is critical for business planning and growth, the more pertinent question is: How frequently should you deploy customer satisfaction surveys?

How To Determine the Frequency of Customer Satisfaction Surveys?

If a survey is carried out too often, it leads to fatigue of employees and disengagement of customers. At the same time, infrequent surveys may lead to missing out on valuable information that can help your business grow and prosper. The best approach is to conduct surveys based on the customer type. Let’s elaborate further.

Loyal Customers. Customer satisfaction surveys for regular or loyal customers are designed to retain current customers. In general, a semi-annual survey for such clients is a good time interval. If customers feel that your company listens to and acts on their feedback, they would indeed set aside a few minutes to provide their feedback. If your company makes minimal and modest changes to your business landscape, then an annual survey might be more beneficial.

First-time Customers. Getting feedback from brand new customers is the most revealing “moment of truth.” The feedback interval can vary. For example, feedback could be received immediately after a new customer buys a product or service; in-the-moment experience. Feedback could also be obtained 30 days after the product or service has been received; trial period experience. Some businesses follow the strategy of conducting a survey when a call to the Call-Center is received. These moments of truth are largely dependent on where your customer is in their journey with your business.

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Apart from the frequency of the survey, another thing to keep in mind is when to conduct your surveys. As a rule of thumb, the best time for a customer to complete a survey is when the customer experience is fresh in their minds; based on in-the-moment experiences. If you delay, the customer might forget the details, and you will receive less accurate answers.

Why Do You Need Customer Satisfaction Surveys?

The whole purpose of customer feedback is to do something with the information. In short, this information is useful for discovering trends, understanding how customer experiences differ by regions and business locations, and to act on that information to provide better products and services to improve your customers’ overall experience. 

The best way to design and implement customer feedback is to work with an established customer experience company. Such companies have custom-made feedback solutions that use data science and cutting-edge technology to design solutions to improve your customers’ experiences, grow your customer base and improve your employees’ performance. The solution should be non-disruptive and seamless—easy to use with actionable insights.