Ice Cream Parlor Customer Experience Kiosks

Ice Cream Parlor Customer Experience Kiosks

Regardless of age, everyone enjoys a cold treat in the summer. Ice cream is refreshing and brings joy to all age groups.  Today, your business needs to ensure your customers are satisfied with the services and products you provide; this is critical to growing your customer base and improving company performance metrics. At CKLogic, we provide customer feedback systems that are engaging, dynamic, and interactive leading to high response rates with actionable insights. 

How a Kiosk Can Help an Ice Cream Parlor

Customers who visit Ice Cream Parlors have experiences either positive or negative. It’s important for your business to know the ‘why’ of the customer experience. The only way to get this information is through customer feedback. And CXLogic’s customer feedback Kiosk is ideal for your business. Our kiosk provides businesses with the following information:

    > Customer pulse for both happy and unhappy customers.

    > Satisfaction with services, products, employees, and equipment.

    > Opportunities for improvement including new flavors, toppings, cones, and atmosphere.

Benefits of Customer Feedback

As a business owner, you want customers to visit your shop more than your competitor’s. And customers who are happy and satisfied with your Ice Cream Parlor will return as loyal customers, as well as, make referrals to friends and family. So how can customer feedback make your business stand out from the rest?

    > In-Depth Analysis: Collect feedback efficiently and timely based on in-the-moment customer experiences. Learn about purchasing patterns and trends, likes and dislikes, and product preferences. Our team at CXLogic will help you analyze the data and then chart a plan of action to grow your customer base and improve key performance metrics.

    > Resolve Complaints: Our kiosks are programmed with action alerts to notify staff when a customer is unhappy with their experience. Thus, you can resolve complaints quickly to ensure all customers walk out of your store satisfied with their customer experience.

    > Customization: Our kiosks are highly customizable to include your logo, colors, fonts, and images. Survey questions are specifically designed for your business needs and include multiple response set options such as professional emojis, animated emojis, or word choice.  The kiosks are also available in multiple languages, so you can track customer satisfaction among individuals from diverse backgrounds.

    > Quick and Easy: CXLogic kiosks are quick and easy to use. Customers answer a benchmark question and are then asked if they would like to provide additional feedback. If no, they are done in 10 seconds or less. If yes, they can provide the additional feedback on the kiosk, their phone, or their computer. It’s that easy.  

Why You Should Choose CXLogic

Why choose CXLogic for your customer feedback needs? CXLogic offers the following:

    > Samsung Tab A tablets with dynamic themes and imaging. 

    > Anti-theft security includes locking mechanisms for both the tablet and stand.

    > Tablets run on either battery or electrical power.

    > Our talented team has multiple years of experience in customer experience and analytics. We will explain each aspect of data collection in detail, install the kiosk, and provide remote control customer service, maintenance, and updates to your kiosk. 

Bring your business to the next level with a CXLogic customer feedback Kiosk. We blend data science with state-of-the-art technologies to grow your customer base and improve company performance metrics. Contact us today at for free product demonstration. You will not be disappointed.